Digital e-business Project Manager

Professional profile.

LOOKING FOR A POSITION as Digital e-Business Projet Manager in Marseille, France.

2 years of experience in digital marketing and in managing web, mobile & social media projects for diverse clients (insurance, health, beauty, wine and tourism).

3+ years of experience in website development using open-source (PHP) and Microsoft .NET technologies.


  • Co-Founder and ManagerMarch 2012 - Now
    Cours Hindi –, Lyon, France
  • Digital e-business project managerOct 2011 - Now
    Viadigis –, Lyon, France
  • .NET Software developerJune 2010 - August 2010
    PERREIN Mathieu (startup), Metz, France
  • Web Project ManagerMay 2009 - June 2009
    My4nTV –, Metz, France


  • MSc in E-BusinessSept 2010 - Sept 2011
    Oxford Brookes University –, Oxford, United Kingdom
  • MSc in Computer ScienceSept 2008 - Dec 2011
    SUPINFO International University –, Metz, France

Skills & Attributes.

    Global skills :-
  • E-Business
    Managing and implementing e-business projets.
  • E-Commerce
    Managing and implementing e-commerce projets.
  • M-Commerce
    Managing and implementing m-commerce projets.
  • F-Commerce
    Managing and implementing f-commerce projets.
  • Project Mngmt
    Managing projects for diverse clients.
  • Agile Project Mngmt
    Agile projects management for diverse clients.

  • Digital marketing and strategy skills :-
  • SEO
    Position my websites on search engines.
  • Google Adwords
    Targets, budget, PPC, pay-per-view, pay-per-action, Google advertising.
  • Google Ads for Video
    Targets, budget, PPC, YouTube advertising.
  • Facebook Ads
    Targets, budget, PPC, pay-per-view, pay-per-action, Facebook advertising.
  • Online Analytics
    Using Google Analytics or Facebook Insights.
  • Community Mngmt
    Interact with your fans.
  • Social Media Strategy
    Recommend and implement social media strategies for clients.

  • Programming skills :-
  • HTML 5
    Developing websites using HTML5.
  • CSS 3
    Designing websites using CSS3.
  • jQuery Mobile
    Developing mobile websites using jQuery Mobile framework.
  • PHP
    Developing dynamic websites.
  • C#
    Developing anything using C#.
    Developing dynamic websites using ASP.NET.

  • Data Modeling skills :-
  • XML
    XML modeling.
  • JSON
    JSON modeling.
  • UML
    UML modeling.

  • Databases :-
  • MySQL
    Connect my apps to MySQL.
  • SQL Server
    Connect my apps to SQL Server.


Golf (12), football, cycling, travelling (Asia), cooking.


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